About Fracture Entertainment


Fracture Entertainment LLC Hosts a professional gaming community that provides premium services to its members.


Fractures Goal:

Fracture will be a gamer's retreat where any gamer from any group, clan, guild, or individual can come in and get a bite to eat, demo the latest games and use top of the line equipment. We will be the premium 1 stop gamer's choice for all their needs.

Our Gamer's lounge will be modeled similarly to that of a gym membership. You will pay a monthly VIP membership that goes to support the community services and that will entitle you to VIP slots on all fracture game servers, unlimited use of our gamer's lounge equipped with state of the art gaming rigs and every game you could want to play. We wont have just 2-3 demo stations, we will have wall to wall stations, some will be in the open, some sectioned off for groups, and others are reserved for competitions in sound proofed rooms.

If you should spend enough time at the gamer's lounge, or should you arrive with hunger pains, Fracture will have on staff a line cook kitchen with top shelf menu's sold as close to cost as possible for members only.

We will also offer services to outside entities in that, we will sell primarily game, web, and voice server services to any customer that wishes to purchase from our data center.

Fractures main focus however will be on its private community of gamer's. We do not want to be just another GSP (Global Service Provider). We want to be YOUR GSP. We want to help bring gamers together. We want to host your competitions in state of the art, completely furnished lounges tied directly into our UBER data center network at every location. And most of all, we just want to make sure you walk away each and every time with the best experience in your gaming life.